Nos clients

Out Of Use a élargi sa vaste clientèle au cours des dernières années. Dans nos relations avec nos clients, nous visons des partenariats durables dans lesquels les deux parties se renforcent mutuellement et la communication ouverte constitue la base. Certains de nos partenaires témoignent:

Vieux GSM contre extension d'une réserve


Smals fait recycler son vieux matériel ICT par Out Of Use 

Bart Vermeersch, director ICT Infrastructures at SIMAC ICT Belgium:
"We work together with Out Of Use for different reuse & recycling assignments such as the dismantling of taperobots, destruction of hard disk drives, etc. For every operation we receive a certificate from Out Of Use that guarantees  the destruction of all present data. This is crucial for legal compliance with the new GDPR privacy regulation (General Data Protection Regulation). This collaboration coincides with our social vision in the field of circular entrepreneurship. Sustainability is an essential part of our business plan here at Simac."
Roger Veltens, Head of TMS Fujitsu Belgium:
"At Fujitsu, corporate responsibility and environment are high on the agenda, and the partnership with Out Of Use certainly supports our corporate culture, and thanks to the partnership, we have been able to extend our range of services to a total solution with the necessary guarantees and certificates. offer our customers new IT infrastructures and also assist them with advice on the management of their old materials, securing and removing data and the ecologically responsible recycling of their IT waste. Our partners need to be flexible and maintain prices that are in line with the market. Out Of Use completely fulfills these expectations. "