The Out of Use Vision

Out of Use turns the principles of sustainable business into deeds and specializes, within the field of WEEE, in three disciplines.

First of all, selecting all reusable old electrical and electronic appliances coming from companies (servers, computers, displays, telephones, industrial equipment, etc.).

These appliances are prepared for a "second life". The selection is realized on the basis of very high quality standards.

Out of Use does not participate in illegal exportatons of old appliances under the pretext of reuse.

Out of Use will be pleased to help solving the digital divide, but it will not be involved in Eco-dumping!

When old appliances are no longer eligible for reuse, Out Of Use will make sure they are recycled in the best possible circumstances.

This is how we contribute to the restriction of CO2 emissions and the recycling of raw materials which are becoming increasingly scarce.

Also with respect to the selling and purchasing of parts, resulting from the dismantling of WEEE, we apply very stringent standards.

We only deal with registered processers.

The transparent traceability of these fractions is guaranteed right up to the moment these materials once again become raw materials.

We operate in the Benelux.