Safe & Secure Box

The Safe & Secure Box is a co-creation of Seris Logistics and Out Of Use in which companies and organisations can store their electronic and paper data carriers and have them transported to the Out Of Use warehouse. There, a safe and certified destruction of the data present on the data carriers takes place. 

Before the start of the collaboration, the customer receives a conclusive collaboration agreement from Out Of Use. This contract guarantees safe data destruction and determines the chosen method of destruction.

Each box is provided with unique attraction stamps and unique void-sticker stamps. During transport, we work with a GDPR- manifest, a document that contains the specifications of the box and its contents. 

When Seris Logistics collects the data, the number of data carriers is counted and recorded. The transport is monitored with a Track & Trace system.

When the shipment arrives at Out Of Use, the warehouse manager records the seal number and completes the waybill for receipt. The customer receives the seal number and a destruction certificate.

The Safe & Secure Box has a capacity of 30 litres and a maximum capacity of 30 kg. 

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