Maximize the value of your old IT equipment!

Since we are fully dedicated to sustainability Out Of Use examines the reuse options for all equipment we receive.

Only when there is a definite request for destruction, do we deviate from this view.

Send us a list of your "not too old" reusable materials and we will look for a new owner to give you a higher yield than the recycling value.

We guarantee all recycling takes place in Europe and we never export to Central Africa or China to avoid any possible harmful environmental effects caused by transportation and eco-dumping and so keep scarce commodities here. Read more about our vision on reuse.

If you wish, you can donate your reusable materials, or any proceeds, collected by Out Of Use, to charity. We have already developed a close collaboration with Natuurpunt in Flanders and Natagora in Wallonia. With this partnership, we are highlighting our commitment to the revaluation of raw materials and investing more in nature.

Some charities which Out Of Use works with are:
  • Natuurpunt: With this partnership, we are emphasizing our commitment to the revaluation of raw materials and investing in more nature in Flanders. In exchange for your reusable materials, you literally get a piece of nature in its place! Read more about 'Recycleren voor Natuurpunt'.
  • Natagora: In exchange for old PCs, laptops and mobile phones, participants get a piece of protected nature. Learn more about 'Recycler pour Natagora'.
  • Oxfam: The reuse goes to Brussels. The proceeds are used to support the North-South operation.
  • Local Schools: If you wish to donate your old computers to local schools, Out Of Use ensures the prior destruction of the data and the necessary transportation (costs to be discussed).