Your old devices are new raw materials.

After careful selection, any non-reusable devices are first stripped of all environmentally harmful substances before the recycling.

This decontamination step ensures that no harmful substances (oil, asbestos, NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion and lead acid batteries, toners, ink cartridges, mercury, etc ...) can be released into the environment.

Afterwards, the devices are manually disassembled in our own workplace or one for social employment and eventually through shredding and separation techniques, are processed into secondary raw materials, as according to European legislation.

Curious about our recycling rate?

Out of 100 % of electronic waste we create 89.96% of secondary raw materials and 4% is incinerated with energy recovery bringing up the recovery rate to 93.96%.

These figures have been audited by Recupel.

Be sure to read our vision on reuse and recycling.