Out Of Use

We take care of your e-waste
Out Of Use provides businesses a sustainable solution for all their ICT, electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) through recycling.
We specialize in maximizing the reuse of not-so-old IT equipment and mobile phones along with the recycling of old IT and other electrical or electronic equipment (WEEE).
What we can offer your company?
  • Collection: you can bring your WEEE to us, or we can come and collect it, no matter how small the amount.
  • Reuse: we use our vision on sustainability to continually select all materials for reuse. If you have more recent equipment, we can make you a suitable offer.
  • Recycling: we manage to extract no less than 89.96% new raw materials from 100% electronic waste.
  • Data destruction: thanks to our certified data wiping method we can ensure the security of your critical data according to your chosen method. We offer a secure SLA in accordance with the GDPR. Check out our newest co-creation: the Safe & Secure Box.
  • Disassembly: our specially trained team will help you clear your archives and can also expertly dismantle your entire server room.
This complete service package guarantees you the highest return on your Out Of Use assets!
Out Of Use has an official environmental class 1 for the treatment of WEEE, granted by the Provincial Executive from the province of Limburg. This means that we fully meet all the conditions laid down in the VLAREM legislation.
Our OVAM approval number is 102 070 (valid until 05.28.2025).
On request, we send you a recognized certificate for your waste register!
We are an official partner of Recupel, as chartered collector and processor of both household and professional WEEE.

In March 2018 Out Of Use obtained the WEEELABEX certificate (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence). This makes us the first Belgian, only B2B-oriented, recycler that can present this important certificate. Read more about it on weeelabex.org
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